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Bazm-e-Maula Shah at a glance(Mian Usman)

Mian Usman

Bazm-e-Maula Shah is a Registered , Literary Organization.

The bazm has been constituted in the memory of Sain Maula Shah (a mystic poet). The author  of seven folk tales which have been published several times. Collection & Publication of The Poet’s books is the major object of the Bazm. The organization usually arranges Mehfil-e-smaa and Seminar / conference.
History and work of BMS: 
On 7th February 1975 with the cooperation of the villagers of Karyal Kalan his relatives and followers constituted a society namely   “ Sain Maula Shah Welfare Society ” at Karyal Kalan (Gujranwala), which was got timely, registered in 1976.  His grand son Mian Muhammad Ismail Manzar was nominated as its patron and president.  The aims and objects of the society were framed mainly for the welfare with the monitory assistance of the villagers and followers. On June 20, 2004 nomenclature was changed as “ Bazm-e-Maula Shah ” and later on it was registered permanently. At present its Head-office is at 41 – A, Chohan Road, Islampura, Lahore .The every executive has been selecting a number of zonal secretaries to help him in all activities of the Bazm.


Mono of  Bazm-e-Maula Shah

As far as the Memorial Society “Bazm-e-Maula Shah” (SMSWS) is concerned it is already stated that it was organized in 1975 on self-help basis. Finances to meet the purposes are mostly assigned to any well-to-do member of the organization or collected by contribution.  At the time of its start the following two main objects were aimed at:

1-      To get the modern facilities from the Govt. for villagers.
2-      To republish the books of Sain Maula Shah after their collection.

          For the 1st purpose Engineer Liaqat Ali Rathore and Prof. Mian Maqbool Ahmad played an active role for the supply of water and electricity, establishment of Public library and Dehi Markaz-e-Sehat and construction of melted road. 

            For the 2nd purpose the marvelous efforts of Mian Zafar Maqbool are quite praise worthy who has succeeded to collect and arrange the republication of Maula Shah Books.

The Bazm is searching the following three non-available books of Sain Maula Shah:

1-      Kafian Maula Shah (Published in 1867 as per Punjabi Kitabiat Vol. 01)

2-      Roda Jalali(Un-published as per statement of  Chanah Shah & Sahib Shah)                                                                            

3-      Chandar Badan (Un-published as per Khoj No. 25)  

          While 7 books are under the process of publication.

Monoment of Shrine of Sain Maula Shah
More over with the efforts of the Bazm a 40 feet high Yadgar of Sain Maula Shah was designed and founded in the village which was completed on 14th August 1991. 
A yadgar in his memory was built 1992 at Karyal Kalan Gujranwala (Pakistan). Its style is a water tank and at the top of the yadgar the Holy word Allah () has been written at four sides under which  has been written which appeared as a different & a marvelous piece of constructive art.This construction is, no doubt an architectural model of the present age.  It was constructed on the land gifted by the local landlord   Ch. A Hamid Khan Bhatti and was sketched and largely financed by a well-reputed Engineer Mr. Liaqat Ali Rathore.

See Report of Maula Shah Conference 2010 held under the Bazm-e-Maula Shah.

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