Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sain Maula Shah's Valueable Contribution (Prof. Dr. Ghulam Nabi)

Malik Ghulam Nabi Zahid
1. The wise sayings and many romantic  fictions,
Maula Shah composed in piece of verse its descriptions,
In fact, these are real pearls of wisdom part,
No doubt, it is master piece of his living art,
May Allah shower his Numerous Blessings upon him!
For earnest services for humanity rendered by him.
2. Two refrences of Maula Shah's qualities are sound, Long life for 108 years and publication of books are found,
As such, Maula Shah wrote eleven Punjabi books,
In India Office Library, London are preserved these books,
Thus, the credit of Punjabi literary work is crowned,
Over the head of Mian Zafar Maqbool who is well renowned.
Moula Shah says in his verses as;

پڑھ اُستاد کولوں حاصل مدعا کر قاعدہ چھڈ نہ ادب تعظیم دا جی
بَھلا طوطیاں مینا نہ کدی بُھلّے سبق سکھیا علم تعلیم دا جی

 Acquire knowledge from a teacher to achieve motive, Never set aside rule of respect and regard,
Well, the parrots and starlings do not forget,
The lesson tamed by knowledge and education.

معاد علم نبض دی خبر چاہیں بن شاگرد پڑھ علم حکیم دا جی
دھرتی ماتا جیڈا کسے مرتبہ نہ اُچّا مرتبہ عرش عظیم دا جی

In case you wish to know news of the realm above, become disciple, gather ye wisdom of the Wisest One.
No grade is greater than that of the motherland,
Whereas the high sky preserves the supper grade.

سپاہیاں عاشقاں تدوں پچھان ہوندی مقابلہ پئے جاں کسے غنیم دا جی
الست بربکم قول خدا دا ای اُلی اَنا اَنا انت نقطہ تفہیم دا جی

The soldiers and the lovers are known,
when they are face to face to their opponents,
These are Allah's Words, "Am I not thy God?" ,
This is what you and I need to understand.

حکماواں عارفاں عالماں خبر ناہیں سورج چند کیہ نور قدیم دا جی
اسما ڈاڈھا قہار جد غالب ہووے ٹول آسرا اسم رحیم دا جی

The sages,  devotees and scholoars do not know,
That the sun and the moon are creations of Allah's Ancient Light.
When that name is so Powerful and Dominated,
Then seek help from the Merciful and the Gracious God.

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