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Sain Maula Shah Majethvi (Gul Rukh)

Sain Maula Shah

Maula Shah (Punjabi / Urdu :مولا شاہ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ / ਮੌਲਾ ਸ਼ਾਹ) was a saint and mystic poet. He was creator of great folk tales in Punjabi literature but his known books of poetry are 
Sassi Punnu, Bughamal Bishnoon, Mirza Sahibaan, Heer Ranjha, Zohra Mushtari and Chandar Badan.
Maula Shah (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) was born in Majittah (birth place of famous philanthropist, Sardar Dayal Singh, founder of Dayal Singh College, Dayal Singh Library and Majitthia Hall) and went to Kattrah Bhagia in district Gurdaspur and spent his youth in Kattrra Ghunian of Amritsar in 1836.
Maula Shah (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) was the disciple of Nausha Ganj Bakhsh (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) and himself a practicing Sufi. After a prolonged stay in Amritsar he settled down in Tibber Sharif along with his family and disciples. His spirtual succession was Noshahi Qadri. He is one of the famous Sufi saints of Indo-Pak.
Maula Shah (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) belongs to the Rajput sect. His social hierarchy shows that he was the forth descendent of Raja Jay Raam (Raja of Kashmir later on he became Muslim and made a built Masjid in Sialkot known as Masjid Jay Raam) through the progeny Hafiz Br-khurdaar. His real name was Maula Bakhsh (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) but later on his Spiritual teacher Hazrat Ghulam Mohi-ud-din (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) awarded him by the name “Sain Maula Shah”.
Maula Shah (Rehmat-ullah Alaih) spent more than 100 years of his life in this mortal world. He died in 5 September 1944 (17 Ramadan 1369). His shrine is situated at Tibber Sharif in India.


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