Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sain Maula Shah (Prof. Dr. Malik Ghulam Nabi Zahid)

Malik Ghulam Nabi Zahid

Maula Shah achieved Love,
In innerself merged himself Bosom,
Wearing chain of Allah's Love,
Wearing garland of loyalty in the neck,
being indulged in his innerself,

Maula Shah achieved Love,
He uttered Alf in every sigh,
offered prayer of love such as,
purged the dirt of the heart,
drank draughts of Oneness to the fill,
Blessed with mystry of reality,

Maula Shah achieved Love,
He visioned the Beloved One,
in meditation lost innerself,
led all the life in Spiritual Lost,
He fulfilled friendly relations to the end,

Maula Shah achieved Love,
Innocent traveller to the track,
levelled the path of the true God,
passed blessful life in the world,
during his stay in this world.

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