Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mystic Teachings(Prof.Rafiullah Shahab )

Prof.Rafiullah Shahab(LATE)

Sassi Maula Shah by Maula Shah edited by Mian Zafar Maqbool and Ashiq virk published by Sain Maula Shah Welfare society Karyal Kalan Gujranwala district pages 175 price Rs. 15.

Mystic had rendered great service for the enrichment of the Punjabi language. To convey their mystical teachings to the masses, they selected the folk lore of the Punjab, an impressive media of propagation in the province. That is why most mystic had always been scholars of the Punjabi language; Sain Maula Shah was one of the mystic scholars. To propagate his mystic teachings, he selected the Punjabi folk lore of Sassi Punnoo and compared the book under review.

The verses in the book under review has composed in the style of Heer Waris Shah and at times, the readers confused it with Heer Waris Shah itself Sain Maula Shah has artistically interwoven the teaching of mysticism of this popular folk lore. The book has been arranged in the conventional style of the classical style religious literature, i.e., first hymn in praise of Allah, then Naat-e-Rasul etc.

It is a welcome addition to the Punjabi language, and will prove a good guide for readers interested in the subject.

The Pakistan Times, Friday, October 17, 1980.

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