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Rtd. G.C. Sheikhupura

This fable is about two ladies named Zohra and Mushtari, born in the city of Babul. Their mother was a famous prostitute of Babul city who was raped by Sultan (Amir-e-Babul). These two were the masterpieces of the Almighty Allah and a beauty to be seen. A poet says that their beauty had all the characteristics of Lukshami, Padmani, Sundri & Hustani type of ladies, as described in the Hindu Mythology.

According to a tradition they were sent to school for education and other ritual learning with their friends and cousins. They also learned music from the famous contemporary musician Ghous Mohammad Alias Ustad Suffravi. When they reached their teen age, their beauty became talk of the town and every one was ambitious to have a look at them.  

In the Heaven, a dispute over the creation of man was going on between the Almighty and the angels. The angels were of the opinion that creation of Adam is nothing except a depravity; while Almighty Allah said that they would also do the same if they were among them. The angels said, “How it is true?” They requested that they should be given a chance, in human shape, to visit and see the world. Haroot and Maroot, the two angels were shaped as human beings by the Almighty Allah and were sent down to the Earth with all human qualities. In addition, they were given the knowledge of Isam-e-Azam (The greatest name of Allah) on the basis of which they could reshape themselves and fly back to their home. Thus on the Earth, none was known to them and none was related to them.

In the month of May, at moontime, they reached a place where the singing and dancing show (Mujra) of Zohra and Mushtari was going on. Haroot and Maroot, on seeing these pieces of beauty, fell in love and chased them. They tried their luck and succeeded to have an opportunity to meet them. Emotional, erotic and traditional words of love were exchanged and lastly they exchanged rings as token of their love in introductory conversation. They said “we are the gallants and have a desire to couple you. In case of your refusal, we will take poison and die.” After frequent visits they developed friendly relations and became able to know each other as what they were. Then the ladies advised them that they should remain away from them and their love. If they wanted to know the realities of Heaven and Earth, they were supposed to go to their Murshad (Spiritual leader). They replied, “We are neither Imam, Qalander nor Muttaqi, Wahabi, Rind (drinker). We have nothing with us like gold, silver, rubies, diamonds and other worldly valuables. We only know the art of praise to God and nothing else.” The ladies further said to them, “You are not like us, and due to differences of races and creed we cannot be one, thus are unable to accede to your request of copulation.” In the meantime, the angels taught the Isam-e-Azam to the ladies who grasped it. The angels were addicted to humanly norms and rituals. They complained to the Almighty Allah, “These two ladies have no lift for us. The other human beings pay salute to us while they treat us slavishly. It is the woman who has not spared Adam, Eisa, and Mansoor. These two women are too wicked. We are so unlucky that they have no ambition for us. “The Almightily Allah, acceded to their prayer and induced the ladies towards these angels. The angels got their purpose fulfilled and in lieu of it taught them the lesson of flying to heaven. They began to fly while these two were the silent spectators. The ladies disappeared and the angels turned pale and desperately prayed to God for rescue. The Almighty Allah after their humble request put the proposal before them for the punishment on Earth or in Heaven. They choose the earthy punishment (as shorter to heavenly one). At last, as desired by them they were given the punishment of being hanged by leg till the Doomsday in a well of Babul. Since then the two ladies have been terned as glittering stars in the sky, under their original names Zohra and Mushtari.

Critics have different opinions and versions of this fable. Some are of the opinion that it is a true story narrated in the Holy Quran in Surah Baqra verse no 102 while some others treat it as a fiction. The first school of thought is led by Abu-ul-Hasanat Syed Mohammad Ahmed Qadri, while the second one is led by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood and Ghulam Ahmed Pervaiz. That third group is silent about Zohra and Mushtari, but acknowledges the arrival, humanly living and punishment of Haroot and Maroot on the Earth.

Maulana Qadri, has a stern opinion that Zohra Mushtri is one and the same lady and was the empress of Faars who approached Haroot and Maroot, the then judges for the release of her husband; and this meeting turned into love; while Sian Maulah Shah, Waris Sarhandi, the compiler of “Ilmi Lughaat” and Mr. Keiro, the founder of palmistry are the three authorities with confirmed view that these are the two ladies; as there are two stars in the sky and two plump spots, one on the footing of 1st finger and other on the footing of the thumb. Sian Maula Shah in his book titled Sat-Gung Arsi Nama al-maroof Zohra Mushtri:

ستارے اوس دن کہ اوّل سن
زہرہ مشتری تارے بن گئیاں معزز پریاں

And thus has authenticated this fable. According to history, it is the time of Hazrat Idrees in the 11th century when this actually happened in Babul city that two handsome and well dressed strangers were often seen in the singing and dancing concerts of famous prostitutes Zohra and Mushtri, who were well known for their beauty and dance in the city. The geographical scene of Babul was also worth seeing and was known as the land of two rivers i.e. Dajla & Furat.

In the light of the above discussion, it is clear that Zohra and Mushtri were twin sisters and Haroot and Maroot were two angels who had come from Heaven to see the world of human beings. The lesson from this fable for the human beings is that one should not confront the Almighty Allah like Iblees and Haroot & Maroot on the basis of one’s piousness and prayers; rather one should be humble, submissive, and loyal to the Almighty Allah seeking his help and shelter in every walk of life, for His and only His pleasure.
 College magazine SKP “Margzar” May, 1991

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